How to Make a Delicious Korean Seafood & Spring Onion Pancake

How to Make a Delicious Korean Seafood & Spring Onion Pancake

Korean Pancake (Pajun /Pajeon) is one of the most popular and delicious cuisines of Korea. You can easily see this iconic dish is presenting as a side dish or snack at every Korean restaurant and even in K-dramas. 

This tasty dish is so simple to make as you only need to mix the ingredients in flour and pan-fried it! It is a perfect option for the starter of Korean food. If this is you, and you are on the right track (and on the right blog yay)!

The following recipe is the easiest one for you to make YOUR Korea Pancake. 

2-3 Serving


* Or you can use any ingredient you have in your fridge to make your exclusive flavour!

Some suggestions: Vegetable pancake, chicken pancake, and Kimchi pancake (Wang Korea Cabbage Kimchi 600g CHILLED)


  1. Mix Korean pancake mix, water, Squid/calamari ring, prawn, spring onion, and egg in a mixing bowl
  2. Heap the pan
  3. Pour the vegetable oil into the pan
  4. Pour mixing ingredients
  5. Cook until pancake looks crispy and golden brown (Normally about 5 minutes)
  6. Turn the pancake over and cook the other side (Can add a bit vegetable oil if the pan is too dry)
  7. Wait it becomes crispy and golden brown again
  8. Put the pancake into a plate and ready to serve

*1 cup = 250ml, 1 Tbsp = 15ml

It is so easy, right! Best luck to your cooking. We welcome you to share your Korean pancake to us through our Facebook page-Yin Yam Online Asian Grocery xx

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