555 Sardines in Tomato Sauce SMALL 155g -Pack of 6

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555 Sardines in Tomato Sauce SMALL 155g - Pack of 6

Product of Philippines

No. 1 brand in the Philippines. Rich in calcium for stronger bones. In mild tomato sauce mix. 555 Sardines is the Super Ulam (Viand) because it is rich in calcium for stronger bones, protein for muscle building, lycopene for cancer prevention, iodine and vitamin D.

Customer Reviews:

Richard Garettson: Excellent poduct. The tomato sauce, in my mind, is better with a little bit of hot sauce added (not Tobasco sauce...for some reason it does not seem to go well with this and it was the first thing I tried, so use the Louisiana Hot Sauce). Eat the tomato sauce as a soup. I did not do this with the first few cans I ate, but did on one, probably by accident and found it to be excellent. Good source of protein. Recommend this for all lovers of canned fish.

Eunice Jen: Tasted like home. Exactly the same quality product I would've bought in the Philippines. Cans were in good condition, expiration still months away and tasted really good

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