Acecook GOOD Banquet Dried Vermicelli 210g-Pack of 3

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Acecook GOOD Banquet Dried Vermicelli 210g - Pack of 3

Product of Vietnam

Good vermicelli contains Mung Beans. From mixing flour to finalizing product, Good vermicelli is manufactured under the nodern technology that is to ensure food safety. Let’s enjoy a delicious, charming and refreshing bowl of Mung Beans Good vermicelli

Preparation instrutions: Noodle first soak in cold water for 5 minutes then drain and leave to drain. The thus prepared noodles can be used to make soups and other foods.

Customer Review:

Andy Lee: Eat this with chicken, you will get the best state of mind, haha.

Johnny Nguyen: Once dried vermicelli, always dried vermicelli, best of the bests!


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