Acecook Mi Sa Te Hanh Hao Hao CUP Sate Onion Flavour Instant Noodles 69g-Carton x 12

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HAO HAO instant cup noodles

Saté Onion flavour

The deeply rich and savory noodles, produced by Japanese technology, are combined with Asian satay sauce and spices like carrot, corn, spring onion in broth. Hao Hao Saté Onion will bring to you a different interesting culinary experience Hao Hao is manufactured under not only Japanese technology standard, but also the consecutive and meticulous monitoring of Japanese and Vietnamese experts.

This process demonstrates the quality of every packs of Hao Hao before being put on the market. This principle has been helping Hao Hao to become the safest, and the most appropriate choice for Vietnamese since its first launching in 2000

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