Acecook Mi Tom Chua Cay Hao Hao Sour Hot Shrimp Flavour Instant Noodles Mi 77g-Carton x 30

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Manufacture in accordance with Japanese standards and technology, with the continuous operation, support and meticulous supervision of Japanese staffs together with Vietnamese staff methodically trained at Acecook are “guarantee” for the quality of every Hao Hao Noodle pack before being launched into the market. This has also been the motto making the brand of Hao Hao Noodle always a safe, quality and suitable choice for Vietnamese consumers since the beginning of 2000.

Ingredients: Noodles 87.4%: Wheat flour, shortening (palm oil, antioxidants (320, 321), starch, salt, sugar, fish extract liquid (stolephorus spp), flavour enhancer (621), acidity regulators (451, 501, 500).

Soup 9.6%: sugar, salt, spices, flavor enhancers (621, 631, 627), acidity regulator (330), shrimp powder 0.3%, dried spring onion

Oil 3.0%: vegetable oil (palm oil, antioxidants (320, 321)), spices, fish extract liquid (stolephorus spp), salt, artificial garlic flavour, colour (160a)

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