Acecook Oh Ricey HU TIEU NV Phnom Penh Style Instant Noodles 71g

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From the pure rice, the modern stream technology creates the deliciously chewy rice noodles which merge perfectly with the unique and tasty flavoured soups. It makes an attractive and charming Oh! Ricey instant rice noodles.

Ingredients: Rice noodle 70.3%: rice 42.6%, starch, thickener (1404), salt, emulsifiers (466, 322 (soybean))

Soup 13.4%: sugar, salt, flavour enhancers (621, 631, 627), spices, shrimp powder (parapenaeopsis), non-dairy creamer powder (casein), starch, yeast extract

Oil 14.2%: vegetable oil (palm oil, antioxidants (320, 321), fried garlic, spice, celery.

Vegetable 2.1%: dried salted cabbage (soybean), soybean protein, dried spring onion, dried garlic chives.

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