Ajinomoto Aji Quick Lau Thai Soup Seasoning 50g-Pack of 5


Ajinomoto Aji Quick Lau Thai Soup Seasoning 50g - Pack of 5

Product of Vietnam

Aji-Quick Lau Thai hot pot seasoning  is a product produced by advanced technology on modern production lines. The ingredients that make up the product are carefully selected by experts in the food industry, the closed processing process ensures hygiene and safety and does not harm the health of consumers. The product is produced with a special formula that has been researched for many years, bringing the delicious taste of Thai hot pot. The sweet and sour taste blends perfectly, bringing the dish to match the taste of all family members.

Customer Reviews:

Laura Cluster: This is overwhelming! So good!

Kim Tudder: Thai hot pot is my favourite! This product just turn Thai hot pot into a whole new level

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