Bamboo Tree BANH HOI LA DUA Fine Rice Vermicelli 340g-Pack of 3

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Bamboo tree Banh hoi la dua fine rice vermicelli 340g - Pack of 3

Product of Vietnam

Traditional dish of Vietnam. You can have it with meat and fish sauce to make it taste more perfectly.

Not use food additives and chemicals

Cooking Instruction:
1. Boil water in a pot until fully boiled (100oC or 212oF).
2. Place fine rice vermicelli fully submerged in boiling water and cook for 1 minute and 15 seconds.
3. Drain rice vermicelli under cold water immediately and separate.
4. The fine rice vermicelli are now ready to be served Keep in dry and cook place, avoid direct sunlight.

Ingredients: Rice, Water, Salt, natural pandan colour (Extracted from Pandan Leaf).

Customer Review: 

Pete Lee: I came to Vietnam and ate this dish, now i buy it here and really enjoy the taste!

Cooper Hom: You guys need to taste more Vietnamese dish, like this one, instead of taking my family out for having this, now it has this product, so we don't have to move out anymore. Great!

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