Boy Bawang Chili Cheese (Large) 500g

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CRISPY & TASTY - Each handful of Boy Bawang Cornick corn nuts starts with a garlic and lightly spicy Chili Cheese flavor explosion followed by the taste of fresh corn kernels. Your experience ends with a lingering garlic flavor that leaves you wanting more. FILIPINO FAVORITE - Cornick, Philippine corn nuts, has a lighter crunch than typical corn nuts and Boy Bawang, "Garlic Boy", makes the most popular and delicious corn nuts in the Philippines. Outrageously garlic and a perfect match for movie night or a session with the guys and a round of beers. GLUTEN-FREE - Boy Bawang's Cornick snacks are all naturally gluten-free. Made with coconut oil and only 150 calories per serving! KSK FOOD PRODUCTS - Established in 1990, we are the creator of Boy Bawang Cornick snacks. With Boy Bawang's phenomenal success, our goal is to continue making a wide array of high-quality, nutritious, and delicious snacks for the entire family.
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