C2 Cool & Clean Green Tea LEMON FLAVOR 500ml (PH)-Pack of 6


C2 Cool & Clean Green Tea LEMON FLAVOR 500ml (PH) - Pack of 6 

Product of Philippines

C2 is delicately brewed from natural green tea leaves of Camellia sinensis. It is non-carbonated and ready-to-drink with a cool clean taste that goes down light and easy. A healthy way to refresh yourself! 

Customer Reviews:

Sam Ford: I am trying to drink water and some days it's BORING. I saw the product on instagram and thought why not. I'm not a fan of green tea but this is good. It's convenient and portable. I have to watch how many I drink in the day because green tea has energy and acts as a diuretic...I love the raspberry more...lemon is my second. It does have stevia as a slight sweetner.

Adam Johnson: LOVE this product for all the right reasons.....convenience, taste and health benefits!

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