Chef's Choice Banana Blossom In Brine 510g-Pack of 4


Chef's Choice Banana Blossom In Brine 510g - Pack of 4

Product of Thailand

Chef's Choice Banana Blossom In Brine. Vegan. This Chef's Choice product is made from the finest selected of quality Thai produce. Carefully picked in season and packed while fresh to deliver the best tropical taste of Thailand. Ingredients: Banana Blossom (51%), Water, Salt, Citric Acid (Antioxidant).

Customer Reviews:

Silver Christine: I used this to make vegan fried fish and it turned out very good, I soaked the blossom in seaweed over night to get a fish taste then battered and fried like normal fish, similar texture to fish so I’d definitely buy again

Hensing Adakhra: Absolutely loved this! Made a beer batter and deep fried. I managed to get 4 decent sized portions as well as a small off cut and lots of little bits too. Would recommend!

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