Cholimex Char Siu Sauce Xot Uop Xa Xiu 200g-Pack of 4

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Cholimex Char Siu Sauce Xot Uop Xa Xiu 200g - Pack of 4

Product of Vietnam

Cholimex Char Siu Sauce is used to make a dipping dish when eating dry and grilled, grilled squid, and Yangzhou fried rice, fried noodles, stir-fried noodles. Product Features: The Sauce is packed in a nice, neat, easy-to-store jar. The product helps housewives save a lot of time when cooking. The product does not contain harmful chemicals and preservatives, ensuring safety for consumers' health. Cholimex sauce is produced by modern closed technology under strict supervision and inspection, making it quick and convenient to cook char siu meat.

Customer Reviews:

Corneo Steve: nice sauce!

Rosenberg Kent: I miss my vietnamese friend whose family brought me to this product!

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