Cholimex Hot Chili Sauce Tuong Ot 830g-Pack of 4

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 Cholimex Hot Chili Sauce Tuong Ot 830g - Pack of 4

Product of Vietnam

Cholimex Hot chili sauce is produced from pure and fresh chili & garlic without spicy powder and artificial garlic flavor. The natural spicy taste would be made the dishes more deepened, delicious and attractive.

Serve with grilled squid, seafood, boiled seafood, fried seafood, spring rolls, fried chicken, french fries, cheese, potatoes, pasta, hamburgers, pho.

Customer Reviews:

Cold Andy: Awesome! A big boy in chilli sauce family! Now i can enjoy the meals at my finest state!

Nani Spotberg: I'm used to eating Pho with this chilli sauce, it's unbeatable!

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