Cholimex Sate Chili Ot Sate 150g-Pack of 4

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Cholimex Sate Chili Ot Sate 150g - Pack of 4

Product of Vietnam

Cholimex Satay chili has the fatty taste of oil, spicy aroma characteristic of chili, garlic and lemongrassto make the dish more tasty and delicious. The appropriate dishes served: Beef balls, beef noodle soup, Hue beef noodle soup, Thai hotpot, …; Use as a condiment to marinate dishes such as satay grilled beef, satay promo noodles, satay grilled duck, grilled satay squid, satay fish, satay shrimp soup, satay fried chicken with satay sauce, grilled quail satay, squid satay soup, stir-fried bacon satay, seafood satay hotpot, …

Customer Reviews:

Connvo Amper: This is a must-have sauce for me! Like, for every dish!

Christ Stank: Always have in the kitchen and will solely use it for my cooks!

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