CJ Beksul Sesame Seed Oil 110g

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CJ Beksul Premium Sesame Oil contains 100% of sesame oil only. Beksul sesame oils are made with the finest ingredients. CJ CheilJedang’s strict standards in manufacturing products enable our customers to enjoy a rich and deep flavor. The best quality of sesame seeds are selected and extracted into the finest oil. The savory taste and scent is remained fresh at the right temperature. Using CJ’s certified cooling method, it has been pressed only once extract the best quality. CJ comes from ‘Cheil Jedang’, which can literally mean “best sugar”, the industry where it originally started. CJ Cheil Jedang is a South Korea-based food and bio business holding company and a subsidiary of CJ Group. It is the largest food firm in Korea. Its businesses are food ingredient, food, pharmaceutics and biotechnology. With the production of Korea’s first purified sugar in 1953, Beksul established itself as the finest brand in the food industry since the brand’s founding in 1965.
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