CJ Bibigo Seaweed Snacks KOREAN BBQ 5g x 3pk-Pack of 2


CJ Bibigo Seaweed Snacks KOREAN BBQ 5g x 3pk - Pack of 2

Product of Korea

Bibigo Gim uses 100% Korean domestic laver that preserves its deep and natural flavor, roasted on different temperature depends on the season to maintain constant crispiness 365 days a year. Bibigo Seaweed Crisps reinvent a piece of Korean traditional treat, Gimbugak, made from Seaweed with rice paper. Bibigo Seaweed Crisps revitalize traditional recipe and give it a healthy twist with glutinous rice and roasting

Customer Reviews:

Robert Panner: Was impressed with the freshness of the seaweed snack. Seaweed snacks are fragile, so careful packaging is needed. Great product and great packaging!

Jessica Amanda: For flavor this is identical to a great many other brands, salty seaweed and oil flavor. I love it, though it's even saltier than other brands of salty seaweed snacks. It's like eating air it's so light and can't hurt your health the way a bunch of potato chips would, but it also won't make you feel like you ate something. Just for the lovely flavor and texture.

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