CJ Hot Pepper Paste for Rice Cake 150g

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How to cook Topokki

  1. Prepare the sliced vegetables in advance. (Onion 20g, Cabbage 50g, Scallion 20g, fish cake (Odeng) 30g)
  2. Boil rice cake (TTeok) 300g with water 100cc in the pan.
  3. When rice cake is cooked, Add the Topokki sauce 150g and prepared vegetables.
  4. After about 1 minute, remove from the heat, then enjoy it.

Ingredients: water, red pepper paste 17.2%, corn syrup, sugar, red pepper powder, onion puree, garlic, cooking rice wine, salt, soy sauce, anchovy extract, mixed starch, flavour enhancer, acidity regulator, black pepper powder, colour

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