Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce FILIPINO STYLE 1kg-Pack of 3


Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce FILIPINO STYLE 1kg - Pack of 3

Product of Philippines

Mangia! Your family's favorite pasta dishes taste even better when topped with our rich, traditional sauce. Made with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Customer Reviews:

Hist Amanto: Sweet Filipino spaghetti sauce is NOT to be at all confused with any Italian style spaghetti sauce. Filipinos take the kind of spaghetti sauce your thinking of and mix it with ketchup to get a similar flavor to this... but this is easier and better.

Rochell Andersen: This sauce is so diff than traditional spaghetti!! The best way to prepare it is with banana sauce, and hot dogs in it. Ive actually bought this twice, it's that good!


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