Gingen Ginger Instant Powder 10 sachets 50g-Carton x 24


Gingen Ginger Instant Powder 10 sachets 50g - Carton of 24

Product of Thailand

GINGEN 100% Instant Ginger. No calorie hot drink with gentle taste of ginger. Made from Real Ginger - All Product is Caffeine Free, without Any Additive, Preservative and Coloring. Taste can be adjusted to appeal to each personal preference, for instance, by adding sugar, milk or whatever suits your taste. Easy to prepare - Can be mixed anywhere, any time just by adding 150 ml. hot water and stir well or serve in ice-filled glass.

Customer Reviews:

Mark Thompson: The tea is like Miss Universe entry, perfect!

Adam Selvine: It was packaged nicely. I will buy again in the future.

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