Golden Duck Gourmet SALTED EGG YOLK Potato Ridges 125g-Pack of 3

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Golden Duck Gourmet SALTED EGG YOLK Potato Ridges 125g - Pack of 3

Product of Singapore

How do you get to potato chip heaven? Start with real ingredients, naturally. We use salted-egg yolks cured to the hue of a golden sunset. We then systematically slice each potato to get the perfect ridged cut - the rhythmic rise and fall of every groove holding on to the richest bits of the taste you love. Each crunch is a satisfying explosion of flavours - the graininess of real salted eggs, a hint of curry leaves and a dab of spice. Truly divine.


Customer Reviews:

Brad Moan: I like the sweetness and melt in your mouthness of the product.

Nugg Matt: Super tasty with a hint of spicy kick to it. The fish skin chips were my favorite between the two.


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