Goldfish Blanched Raw Peanut 350g-Pack of 3


Goldfish Blanched Raw Peanut 350g - Pack of 3

Product of China

Made from a reliable local supply source, Goldfish has produced peeled peanuts that guarantee quality but still keep the flavor, aromatic and fatty.

Customer Reviews:

Perero Mukstag: We use a LOT of whole peanuts here (mostly snacks, some cooking), and I'm used to getting the crappy supermarket quality nuts. These are a whole new world in peanuts! They are SOFT, *moist*, an actual pleasure to eat!

Henry De Jong: These are just incredible - I can't say enough good things about them! We will be buying a lot more of them (we use 10-12 pounds of peanuts per year on average), you should too!

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