Goldfish Brand Dried Amomum Tsao - Ko Thao Qua 50g-Pack of 3


Goldfish Brand Dried Amomum Tsao-Ko Thao Qua 50g - Pack of 3

Product of China

Amomum Tsaoko came from tsaoko fruit which is a perennial herb seemingly part of the ginger family. It is gathered in China, mainly in Yunna, Guangxi, and Guizhou provinces. This grows well in a tropical climate and is used as herbs in cooking Chinese cuisines.

Customer Reviews:

Gongzang Lee: Chinese cuisines will ever be enough until you add up Amomum tsaoko on the recipes

Katy Xiping: Amomum tsaoko removes fishy smell on every seafood dishes you’ll make. It also enhances appetite, which is good for our health.

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