Kouki Shoko Weipa Seasoning 250g


Kouki Shoko Weipa is a popular Japanese style Chinese seasoning for enriching soups, fried rice (or chahan) and other stir-fried foods. Weipa means "king of taste" and contains fresh vegetables, chicken and pork extracts and other spices that adds a rich taste and aroma to any dish. This Japanese style Chinese soup stock and seasoning was first developed in the China town of Kobe in Japan.

DIRECTIONS OF USE: For making soup, put 10g of Weipa into 600cc of boiling water with ingredients of your choice. You can add salt if you prefer. For stir-frying, you can fry ingredients with Weipa. Add Weipa until it gets to the taste of your preference. It's easier to add Weipa if you dissolve it into water first.

Made in Japan

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