Mong Lee Shang Taiwan Noodles Somen WHITE 600g-Pack of 2

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Mong Lee Shang Taiwan Noodles Somen WHITE 600g - Pack of 2

Product of Taiwan

Taiwan noodles (somen) are very thin noodles, made from wheat flour and salt. Traditionally sums are made by stretching the dough with the aid of vegetable oil to make very thin strips and then air-dried.

Customer Reviews:

Max Turner: Good fresh thin noodles but sodium content is so high.

Johnny Lennon: Absolutely the best pre-made noodle I've been able to find for asian style noodles. I've search every Asian market in my area and haven't found a decent noodle for ramen, and I don't have time to make my own, as often as I eat ramen. These are worth every cent and every day that you have to wait to have them delivered.

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