Nang Fah Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce GREEN 450ml-Pack of 3


Nang Fah Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce GREEN 450ml - Pack of 3

Product of Thailand

Squeezed on everything from Thai noodles to tacos to burgers, Sriracha is the breakout condiment star of the last 10 years. This sweet, semitranslucent, slightly viscous chile sauce is from the coastal town of Si Racha, Thailand. It's the knife-edge balance of sweet and heat that makes it so versatile.

Customer Reviews:

Jake Paulie: I love everything about this sauce and unlike other hot sauces out there, they've not just added heat for the sake of it, and have put a real focus on adding flavour too.

Jon Hammer: This brands sauces are the best. Fresh tasting and the green sriracha is my favourite. Hot but goes well with nearly everythin

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