Nongshim An Sung Tang Myun Noodle Soup 5 Pack (125g x5)-Carton x 8

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Nongshim AnSungTangMyun Noodle Soup 125g x 5 Pack - Carton of 8

Product of Korea

It's the mildly spicy miso noodle soup with the intimidatingly long name. "Ansung" is a small city in Korea (also Romanized "Anseong"), while "Tangmyun" means "noodle soup" Ansungtangmyun has long been a favourite for its comforting, agreeable flavour. The popularity of Nongshim's Ansungtangmyun stems from the tasty flavour and noodles that are thin yet chewy. The soup has a mild spicy flavour with seaweed flakes like any good miso soup. It is a favourite for people to add on their own ingredients, as the flavour works well with a variety of ingredients.



Customer Reviews:

Werg Cage: Very filling and not small like other noodles. One pack can easily feed you. Worth buying.

Neringa Sama: Always love this ramyeon brand and was glad to find that I could buy such a good amount of them online during the lockdown.


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