Nongshim CHAMPONG Noodle Soup SPICY SEAFOOD 4 Pack (130g x4)-Carton x 8

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Nongshim CHAMPONG Noodle Soup SPICY SEAFOOD 130g x 4 Pack - Carton of 8

Product of Korea

Innovative, newly designed noodle that brings you the best Champong taste to you. Luxurious Chinese style spiciness and fury hot taste! Various seafood and vegetables cooked in high heat keeping the flavor that will bring joy to your mouth. Thick 1/8 inch noodle has unique texture to hold the soup and flavor. You will enjoy the best Champong noodle and soup at once.


Customer Reviews:

Thompsons Gold: One of the most favorite kind of mine!


John Greenwoods: Don't hesitate to try this kind, definitely not a bad choice!

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