Nongshim Seafood & Spicy NEOGURI CUP Noodle Soup 62g-Pack of 6

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Nongshim Seafood & Spicy NEOGURI CUP Noodle Soup 62g - Pack of 6

Product of Korea

Nongshim is a Korean food company that produces instant noodles and snacks, which has led the Korean food industry since their establishment in September 1965. Since 1994, Nongshim America, Inc. has successfully brought their exciting tastes of Korea to North America. In the new millennium, they continue to expand into a market-leading global company, dedicated to the improved health and lifestyles of their customers. Nongshim is dedicated to bringing you high quality products, packed with delicious and unique flavors.


Customer Reviews:

Nikki Douglas: I’m usually not into a seafood flavored soup but this Tempura Udon is delicious! It’s mild, not fishy smelling, just tasty and the noodles are chewy and slurpable. Highly recommended. Tip: let sit for a minute longer than it says so the udon plumps up. It’s not a thick udon noodle but a thin one.
AnnieOakley: These noodles are great! My husband, who claims not to like soup, eats these for lunch every chance he gets. Filling and very tasty. Has a spice packet so you can choose how spicy you do or don't want them to be. I like these so much I buy them every month.


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