Nongshim TEMPURA UDON Noodle Soup 5 Pack (118g x5)-Carton x 8

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Nongshim TEMPURA UDON Noodle Soup 118g x 5 Pack - Carton of 8

Product of Korea

Nongshim, meaning farmer’s heart in Korean, represents the care and dedication for the food it brings to your table. It's carefully selected the highest quality ingredients with the same mind of the growers in the field to create exceptional products with delicious flavors. 


Customer Reviews:

Wendy Pott: I really would be very happy if they went back to the original recipe from like 3 years ago. It is now overwhelmed with green onion and the tempura had more flavor and a nicer texture and I really loved the pink and white fishy circles that they now have taken away.

Kent Paul: I just lived off these noodles for 9 months (literally 2 of my 3 daily meals were these noodles). Combine 2 slices of velveeta cheese and 2.5 tablespoons of srirachi and SHAKA-POW's party time. 


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