Safoco Mi Trung Egg Noodles THIN Soi Nho 500g-Pack of 3

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Safoco Mi Trung Egg Noodles THIN Soi Nho 500g - Pack of 3

Product of Vietnam

Traditional product from Vietnam with eco-friendly ingredients will definitely bring you the best eating experience. 

Cooking Instruction:

Cook noodles in boiling water for 1-3 minutes. Occasionally stir the noodles lose until tender, but overcooked. Take them out to drain. Add a table-spoonful of vegetable oil to noodles and mix well to make them non-stick, then use them in whatever dishes you like.

Noodle Soup: Put noodles into a bowl add with meat, shrimp, crab, spices and pour boiling soup.

Fried Noodle: With assorted meat, shrimp, crab, mushroom and spices according to taste.

Customer Reviews:

Marco James: I used to play with my vietnamese friend when we were children. I miss the dish which was made by his mother. So I decided to buy this and enjoy all by myself. Time flies!

Shephen Kings: Making this is truly easy! 

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