Samyang Instant Noodle KIMCHI 120g x 5packs-Carton x 8

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Samyang Instant Noodle KIMCHI 120g x 5 Packs - Carton of 8

Product of Korea

Samyang's Kimchi Ramen (Ramyun) is a Korean product, which is popular mostly in Korea and Japan as a much sought-after quick meal item. Its instant noodle soup has a tantalizing and neve-tickling aroma. The soup seasoning is made with vegetables and well-aged Kimchi. 

Customer Reviews:

Shivam Niezche: Kimchi noodles are one of my fav noodles.. I like Samyang's cause its not too sour like few others... sourness is just perfect for me... this time the noodles came in perfect condition... without any breakage.

Madhushree Pal: The taste was “acceptable” at best. Very mildly flavoured and the kimchi flavour doesn’t come through all that much. Not particularly spicy, but that’s a personal preference so not accounting for that in overall rating.


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