Samyang SEAFOOD PARTY Instant Noodle Soup 125g x 5packs-Carton x 8

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Samyang SEAFOOD PARTY Instant Noodle Soup 125g x 5 Pack - Carton of 8

Product of Korea

Samyang Seafood Party Ramen is an instant noodles type of spicy nature. The seafood content is hot red peppers based. The pack comes with noodles, flakes and soup sachets.

Customer Reviews:

Lester Leck: It has a taste of seafood maybe prawns or something like that. The flavour is mild. It has seafood toppings. The noodles however is not as thick like the spicy one. Recommend to those who like seafood.

Keena Bhat: It's one of the best seafood flavoured instant noodles I have tried. The soup is spicy and flavorful. But it's not for everyone I guess. Go for it you like seafood by that I don't mean just fish... Shrimp 'cause that's what the broth is make of😁
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