Shokubutsu Monogatari Shower Cream for Men Cool Sport (BLACK) 550ml

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Male cream-gel is recommended for use after sporting events. Effectively cleanses the skin, leaving a pleasant smell and relaxing effect. On 99% consists of natural ingredients to maintain moisture and skin health. Has an antibacterial effect and helps to reduce the development of potentially problematic bacteria and deodorizing effect. Malt extract prevents further darkening and dryness of the skin. The cooling effect is achieved by the balanced addition of the Vital (menthol). Refreshing gel-cream for men contains menthol and malt extract, thanks to which has an antibacterial effect on the skin, soothes irritations and inflammation, increases metabolism and regeneration of skin cells, improves skin tone, moisturizes, refreshes and gives a vigorous boost of energy and leaves behind a feeling of light chill.

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