Sukina Wang Buckwheat Noodles SOBA 300g-Pack of 3

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Sukina Wang Buckwheat Noodles SOBA 300g - Pack of 3

Product of Korea

hese are the most famous Japanese soba noodles! A thin noodle made with a combination of buckwheat and wheat flour that has a distinct, earthy, and pronounced wheat flavour and a light grey colour. Soba Buckwheat Noodles are delicious served cold in a salad along with green onions, cucumber, edamame, and sesame-ginger dressing or in soups like a traditional Japanese Dashi broth. They are also delicious added to a stir-fry of vegetables as a side for grilled chicken, tofu, or salmon

Customer Reviews:

Jack Cliezinez: By eating this, i start to like eating Korean food!

Clemenzer Diego: My kids are really fond of having this dish!

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