Taro Fish Snack Hot Chilli Flavour 25g

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If you are looking for a good taste, full of nutrition fish-based snack, you are surely looking for our TARO brand products. In 1983, our TARO brand was first launched to Thailand’s market and became a well-known snack brand throughout Thailand since then. We are ranked as Thailand’s No.1 Fish Snack in terms of Market Share in the last 5 years by Nielsen, Consumer Research Company. This item is popular for Snack lovers like us of international famous brand and delicious flavor. It is in the top-pick from shelf at world-class department stores in Bangkok Thailand. 

Ingredients: Fish Meat 80%, Sugar 7%, Topioca Flour 5%, Wheat Flour 3%, Iodized Salt 2.2%, Soy Sauce 1.5%, Seasoning 1.3%. 


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