Taro Fish Snack Spicy Flavour 30G-Pack of 6


Taro Fish Snack Spicy Flavour 30G - Pack of 6

Product of Thailand

If you are looking for a good taste fish-based snack, you are surely looking for our TARO brand products. In 1983, our TARO brand was first launched to Thailand’s market and became a well-known snack brand throughout Thailand since then. Fry with or without oil to enjoy a different taste of the crispiness. Make your new wonderful dishes from TARO i.e. add to your favorite noodle or put in your salad. 

Customer Reviews:

Grace Belle: Our sugar gliders love love love them! They came it multiple individual packs. My sugar gliders go nuts for them every time we bring them out! Will definitely buy again.

May Angelina: My sugar gliders also LOVE these things. It's their favorite treat!



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