Trung Nguyen Roasted Ground Coffee Gourmet Blend 500g-Pack of 3

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Trung Nguyen Roasted Ground Coffee Gourmet Blend 500g - Pack of 3

Product of Vietnam

Gourmet Blend is balanced for brewing in the traditional Phin filter, with added sweetened condensed milk. There is a little sour/bitter effect in the coffee profile to complement the sweetness of the milk. Gourmet Blend will also brew well in American drip machines and the French Press, just use a little less coffee to compensate for the denser, richer profile.

Customer Reviews:

Shawn Jackson: I was first introduced to this brand when gifted a bag of Sang Tao 8 (basically an artificial, more animal-friendly version of kopi luwak, or civet/weasel coffee, made with fermented coffee beans found in the poop of the Asian palm civet). What an introduction! It's really good, but still a little pricey for anything more than special occasions.

Kwayne Inn: I've had this coffee iced at Vietnamese restaurants and found that I loved it so decided to buy it after buying a Vietnamese coffee maker. It is super strong even though I didn't use the full recommended amount. The flavor was good when mixed with the condensed milk. I was "zinging" for hours after drinking it, so beware and don't drink it late in the day

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