Trung Nguyen GROUND COFFEE SANG TAO 5 Creative Coffee 340g-Pack of 4

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Trung Nguyen SANG TAO 5 Creative Coffee 340g - Pack of 4

Product of Vietnam

Trung Nguyen's No. 5 Creative Coffee, after being brewed, coffee has a strong cockroach color blend with a characteristic odor, mild taste, and less bitterness. Made from the most delicious Arabica loris in the world with the world's modern technology and its own secret that cannot be reproduced, Creation No. 5 has a gentle aroma of nostalgia, rich in passion for professionals. for coffee connoisseurs and cafes who want to own their own coffee taste.

Customer Reviews:

Steve Coherency: I love this coffee. Brought a few packs from Vietnam and was delighted that I could buy it online.

Sam Muller: Really the best quality Vietnamese coffee, you can definitely taste chocolate, sesame and berries while drinking it. I drink it black

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