Wang Korea Yogo Vera MELON with Aloe Vera Pulp 500ml-Pack of 6


Wang Korea Yogo Vera MELON with Aloe Vera Pulp 500ml - Pack of 6

Product of Korea

Yogo vera from Wang is a ready-made drink based on, among other things, aloe vera pulp, skimmed milk powder and fruit concentrate. It is available in various creamy and refreshing flavors, including peach, strawberry, mango, pineapple, melon and coconut. Aloe Vera originates from the Caribbean and countries in Africa. It is a succulent plant with frayed green-blue stems. The leaves are wide and open in sharp points. The juice and gelatinous flesh of the Aloe Vera is known for many health and nutritional benefits, from acne treatment to skincare.Customer Reviews:

Becca Call: This is my favorite brand of aloe. This is also one of my favorite flavors.

Dana Labreck: Just received this today and tasted great even though I hadn't chilled it long enough.


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