Wang Korea Yogo Vera STRAWBERRY with Aloe Vera Pulp 500ml-Pack of 6


Wang Korea Yogo Vera STRAWBERRY with Aloe Vera Pulp 500ml - Pack of 6

Product of Korea

Yogo vera from Wang is a ready-made drink based on, among other things, aloe vera pulp, skimmed milk powder and fruit concentrate. It is available in various creamy and refreshing flavors, including peach, strawberry, mango, pineapple, melon and coconut. Aloe Vera originates from the Caribbean and countries in Africa. It is a succulent plant with frayed green-blue stems. The leaves are wide and open in sharp points. The juice and gelatinous flesh of the Aloe Vera is known for many health and nutritional benefits, from acne treatment to skincare.

Customer Reviews:

Linda A. Jenkins: I have tested most other Aloe Vera Drinks offered by Amazon as I am seeking out a great beverage to enjoy with or without a meal that would also be good for your stomach and its digestive properties. I love the taste; its not as watery in taste like the ''Alo'' drinks; there is more pulp and real juice in it
Nikki Burnett: My favorite flavor, but has a lot of calories. Addictive (to me) sweet, refreshing cold drink with small bits of pulp. Great mixer with alcohol surprisingly.
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